Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Market Day at Lyulilo, Tanzania

When you are at Matema Beach, on the northern side of Lake Nyasa, you will surely hear about neighbouring villages, especially Lyulilo and Ikombe. During a visit to Matema Beach, August 2, we decided to go to Lyulilo. We heard that it was market day. To get to Lyulilo, you can walk on the beach, or you can hire a canoe, as we did, for about ten dollars.

We had a smooth canoe ride.

As the minutes passed, we saw Lyulilo coming closer and closer. In a few minutes, we began to see people on the shore.

Soon we arrived at our landing spot, infront of the building on the left. From behind the building we heard music.

We went there right away and saw a group of people dancing and singing religious songs.

After watching this performance for a while, we turned back, into the main street. It was crowded with people.

This was indeed, market day. Coming to a place like this and buying anything, even if just a dozen bananas, let alone hiring a canoe, you know you are contributing to the local economy.

Lyulilo is famous as a pottery market. The pots are made at Ikombe, further up the shore. We did not get to Ikombe, but I plan to travel there next year. It should be quite an experience watching the potters at work.

The soda bottles on the left contain various types of local brew.

As usual, the sight of a white person in these remote places never fails to attract onlookers, especially the little kids, who are curious, in their own innocent way.

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nyahbingi worrior. said...

Habari za siku.
Kama mwanablogu kutoka Tanzania,nakuomba kushiriki kuchangia Mchakato wa KUFUFUA JUMUWATA(Jumuiya ya Wanablogu Tanzania).

Tafadhali naomba ufungue hii kurasa ya
kisha upendekeze jinsi ya kufufua JUMUWATA.
Luiham Ringo.