Monday, December 29, 2008

Workshop: "Culture, Globalization and Development"

The world is increasingly becoming a global village, but what is globalization? What are the cultural implications, challenges, and opportunities of globalization? In the emerging global village, with its complex cultural dynamics, what is development and who defines it? These are the key questions to be addressed in a workshop to be held at the Meeting Point Tanga, Tanzania, on July 4, 2009. Read here


Mzee wa Changamoto said...

Happy New Year Prof. Mbele. Thanx for the heads up about that. I hope most of the educators will attend because it seems like many ppl back home don't understand fully and they cant take advantage of Globalization. They seem to believe that is all about accepting everything we see on Tv as we "try" to live the same way globally. They can't see the thin line between the fiction and real world and unfortunately they fall and copy wrong doings and bad actions and ways of lives than the good things they can learn.
It's time for them to know how to take advantage of Globalization (if any and if they can) to benefit our societies

Mbele said...

Thanks for your comment, and best wishes for the New Year. People back home, as you describe them, do need to wake up to the basic idea that the driving force of today's socio-economy is knowledge. If they wake up and begin seeking and equipping themselves with knowledge, and taking the acquisition of knowledge as a life-long mission, they will put themselves in a position to do what you mention, i.e. taking advantage of globalization. The way things are, we are falling behind and are steadily becoming mere victims and slaves of globalization.