Friday, February 19, 2010

RBC Wealth Management Confronts Cultural Diversity

I visited the RBC Wealth Management premises in Minneapolis earlier today, to share ideas about cross-cultural issues at the workplace and in the world as such. With operations and offices around the world, RBC Wealth Management knows the challenges and opportunities of cultural diversity in the global village.

I have visited RBC Wealth Management several times in the past few years, to share my experience as a cultural consultant. I greatly appreciate the warmth and hospitality I have always experienced there.

My interactions with leaders and employees have broadened and sharpened my awareness of what a company with a multinational workforce deals with, in terms of workforce relationships and management. I seek to enhance my understanding of these matters all the time, so that I can be a better and better as a consultant. My goal is that simple and clear.

Many employees of RBC Wealth Managenemt have read my Africans and Americans book, and I am always humbled to encounter them as I move around the Company premises. At their reguest, my talk today was based on this book.

We ranged widely, covering not only issues of relationships at work, but also hiring and promotion, and beyond the specific goals of enhancing company productivity, we talked about the broader issue of promoting mutual understanding for a better future for all in the global village.

I wish to thank Wanda Brackins, Director of Diversity at RBC Wealth Management, for arranging all my visits and for sharing with me her wide and deep knowledge of cultural diversity in the modern corporate setting.

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