Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More on the Pan-African Summit, 2010

As the Pan African Summit approaches, the Planning Committee continues to prepare for it. On March 27, the Committee met again, at the Center for Families, to continue its work.
After a delicious breakfast, we got down to business, at 10:50, with Edmund Ocansey as chair. We had only one item on the agenda: planning for the Summit, which will take place on October 9, 2010. In previous breakfast meetings, as reported in various posts on this blog, we met to hear presentations on various topics of interest to our community. Those who might be wondering what this Summit idea is all about might wish to read about the first Summit. We took stock of the needs for the Summit and formed three committees to address those needs: 1) a speakers committee, headed by Joseph Mbele, will identify and recruit speakers for the Summit; 2) a communications and marketing committee, headed by Gerard Montgomery will oversee the publicity and marketing issues; 3) a fund-raising committee headed by Edmund Ocansey will spearhead fund raising efforts.

We talked about networking more extensively, especially within the African American community, using media, churches and other channels. We talked about producing a business directory. We even talked about creating a flag, which would reflect the global nature of the Pan African community.
(In the photo above, left to right: Joseph L. Mbele, Chioma Onwukwe, Monica Abrahams, Edmund Ocansey, Gerald Montgomery).

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