Wednesday, December 6, 2017

St. Dominique Boutique, Northfield, Minnesota

St. Dominic School in Northfield, Minnesota, is working on a brand new initiative called St. Dominique Boutique, a community event filled with displayed and activities. There will be door prizes and crafting demos and mini massages, as well as vendors of different products including crafts, greeting cards, candles, silverware, jewelry, and books.

The school belongs to the Church of St. Dominic. As a member of this church, I am very pleased that my three daughters went to St. Dominic School, and that the school is hosting the fair. I will be there with my books, including Matengo Folktales, which hit the spotlight on Thanksgiving Day when it was mentioned on "Jeopardy," the American television show.

I have participated in many such events and appreciate them very much as opportunities to meet people and share ideas. I look forward to the St. Dominique Boutique and hope to write about it afterwards.

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