Friday, April 2, 2021

My Book Arrives in Abuja, Nigeria

March 2021 has ended on a pleasant note for me. My book, Africans and Americans: Embracing Cultural Differences, landed in Nigeria. I had sent it to Jennifer Chinyelu Ikeaba-Obiasor, pictured here, who lives in Abuja. This could be the first copy to reach Nigeria.

Jennifer read the book and made the following observations at different times:

It is a great book with insight that will help both Africans and the Americans.

I identify with almost every aspect of the book. And it will be an eye opener to those from both cultures.

I recommend the book for every one to read because it is impactful.

Jennifer and I met online a few weeks ago as followers of Toyin Umesiri, a great promoter of trade between Africa and the USA, who interviewed me about my book and about cultural factors in business between Africans and Americans. Jennifer is an enterpreneur, founder and CEO of Chiblenders Green. Exploring global connections, she knows the importance of understanding other cultures. In the short time we have interacted, she has taught me much and I am grateful.

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