Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another African and African-American Summit

Last year, Africans and African-Americans held a summit at the Center for Families, in Minneapolis. I wrote about this event here. Inspired by the success and the promise of that summit, a number of people are planning for a similar event to be held in the near future. I am happy to be part of this process, for I enjoy meeting and working with people who share the goal of bringing people together.

The photos you see here were taken on October 27, 2009, at one of the planning meetings. From left to right you see Edmund Ocansey,Joseph Mbele, Chioma Onwukwe, and Gerald Montgomery. Sara Nelson-Pallmeyer, another committee member, took the photos.

Like other people, I am intrigued by the vexed issue of the relationship between Africans and African-Americans. Exploring this issue is always useful, always interesting. This year, we are interested in organizing small gatherings for people to address specific issues pertaining to our community, while aiming for the big summit. We think the small gatherings are valuable in themselves, for they will dwell on specific issues such as child rearing, food and culture, relationships, and so on.

The meetings of the planning committee are open, and people are encouraged to attend. Contact Edmund Ocansey, planning committee Chair:

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