Wednesday, September 29, 2010

International Studies Open House, St. Olaf College

Today was International Studies Open House at St. Olaf College. This is an opportunity for faculty and staff involved in study abroad programs to showcase the programs to interested students: the academic environment, subjects offered, how previous students have rated them, safety issues, housing arrangements, opportunities for homestays and travel.
Over 70 percent of St. Olaf students study abroad, and the College is nationally ranked in this respect.

I have been involved as an advisor on programs that send students to Africa, such as LCCT, ACM Botswana, and ACM Tanzania. I enjoy talking about Africa and about my country, Tanzania. It is a priviledge to help Americans go there, and sometimes I take them there.

I tell the students that one of my greatest interests is offering cultural orientation to Americans going to Africa, as I report on this blog from time to time. For example, read here, and here.

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