Thursday, October 21, 2010

At the Rural America Writers' Center

My visit to the Rural America Writers' Center last evening went well. I was delighted to see the place and meet some of the people who carry on its mission. Born and brought up in a rural place, I was inspired and would like to establish such a center in my home area.

After being introduced, I described my work in the classroom and in the world, emphasizing the teaching of global literature in English and Folklore as well as consultancy work in cultural matters, especially those affecting Africans and Americans.
I talked about Matengo storytelling and told the tale of "The Monster in the Rice field," included in Matengo Folktales.

Then I talked about the importance of understanding cultural differences, citing my experience with Africans and Americans. Most people present read their works, prose and poetry, and shared stories. They bought copies of Africans and Americans and Matengo Folktales. We had wonderful conversation, which we continued later at a nearby restaurant.

The Rural America Writer's Center is a congenial meeting place for writers, with a nice small library. Writers read their work here. The Center also publishes The Green Blade, a magazine featuring established and emerging writers.

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