Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Online Bookstore

I like the new look of my online bookstore. You can view it here. I did not create this new storefront: the credit goes to lulu. I will, however, be adding features to it, as you will see if you keep visiting it.

I started reading about online publishing more that ten years ago and soon decided to publish some of my work that way. I am still reading, to educate myself, since the field is evolving rapidly. Reading is one thing, however, but being involved in the process deepens my understanding.

When I started publishing online, the e-book phenonemon did not exist, as far as I remember. Nowadays, however, it is quickly gaining ground and might become dominant. I keep pace with these developments, making all my online books available in printed and e-book formats.


Tejas kirodiwal said...

Online publishing is quite interesting job. I did it for the first time when i bought book from memphis apparel & scanned it to upload it on internet.

Mbele said...

Indeed, it is an interesting phenomenon, constantly changing in its forms. Thanks for mentioning the memphis apparel. I have checked it out.