Thursday, February 16, 2012

The National Black Books Festival

For several years, I have known about the National Black Books Festival an annual event that takes place in Houston, Texas. I have also thought about attending it. As a writer, with several books published, I have participated in the Twin Cities Book Festival, as I have reported a number of times, such as here and here. Wishing to extend my reach, I will get to the National Black Books Festival.

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Goodman Manyanya Phiri said...

Thank you, Prof, for highlighting such a tamasha as the National Black Books Festival.

Your moment with such books should always be a veritable eye-opener, I daresay!

It is the time you begin to see the multi-layers of propaganda us of native African stock were brought up with through colonial letters... particularly us who are in the African continent.

Personally, I have over the years developed a healthy respect for Americans in general (and African Americans in particular) when it comes to questioning literary dogma from colonial Britain at the expense of Africa, particularly, southern Africa.

I am out of currency at the moment. But I know there used to be an organization called something like the "United States Information Senter" (or some other name that reduced to "USIS"). It exposed us continental Africans to American literary works among other concerns.

I believe and hope the current Books festival taking place in your present environs, Prof, does reflect on those organizations closer to our home-towns Dodoma and Pretoria, Prof!

Thumbs up, once again!