Sunday, April 28, 2013

Finally, I Have Met Patrick Hemingway

Yesterday and today I was in Montana, meeting with Patrick Hemingway, the only remaining child of Ernest Hemingway. At his request, we met in a town called Craig.

As someone who studies and teaches Ernest Hemingway's works, I had, for years, dreamed about meeting Patrick Hemingway. I knew he has much to say about his father's life and work. This weekend that dream came true, and I am thrilled.

Patrick spent 25 years in Tanganyika, later Tanzania. He worked as a tour guide and then as instructor at the Mweka Wildlife Colllege. When Ernest Hemingway went on safari in East Africa, 1953-54, Patrick accompanied him for part of the time. I knew that there is no other person alive who knows more than Patrick the story of Hemingway's African connection.

In the coming days, maybe not right away, I plan to tell the story of how I first contacted Patrick, about two years ago, and how, finally, my dream of meeting him came true this weekend.

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