Monday, June 15, 2015

A Reader's Comments

Two days ago, I saw comments on by a reader of my book Africans and Americans: Embracing Cultural Differences. The reader, Ruth Ann Baker, wrote:

Learned some things I don't think I could find elsewhere. There is Lots of info on relationships and social etiquette.

I have cited the words verbatim. I wanted to acknowledge this reader and express my gratitude, as is my habit. I value the fact that someone took the trouble to obtain and read my book, and then to write about it in such a public forum accessible to the whole world.

As usual, I am gratified that this reader considers the money and the time she spent on my book worthwhile. I would have been crestfallen otherwise.

I have noted that this reader used the Kindle edition of the book, the publication of which I announced on this blog. I have been following, at both Kindle and, how buyers are responding to this development in publishing technology.

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